LAR TRANSPORTNI SISTEMI d.o.o. is a family-owned company. The company’s tradition goes back years and its development through various organisational forms led to the present structure. From its beginnings in garages and households, the company has developed into a medium-sized enterprise that employs working people who form a homogeneous team. Technically qualified salespeople are in constant contact with customers and even the most complex projects are a welcome challenge that helps our further development.

In year 2022, we took over the sales and production program of MURATECH d.o.o – automation and mechanical engineering company. MURATECH d.o.o has, through 30 years of history, managed, with its knowledge and experience, to gain various business partners in Slovenia, over Europe and abroad. With the merge, we acquired a team of people with whom LAR TRANSPORTNI SISTEMI d.o.o. continues the path of success and expands its development. With this step LAR TRANSPORTNI SISTEMI d.o.o. expands its sales portfolio with the production of complex transport lines. From now onwards, we can offer you complete turnkey solutions, to solve your logistics challenges.

We are shaping an entirely new path throughout the Slovenian and other markets, since we successfully connect our customers and our expert knowledge. We provide our customers with the assistance of verified and renowned foreign and domestic suppliers, quick response time and a very high level of products and services. With regard to this we do not rely solely on the superior quality of our product range but we also facilitate active participation in solving your problems and projects, while also providing support to the customer in achieving their goals.

With a clear business vision and aware of our advantages, we are building our path to long-term trust, quality of products and services, high professional skills and compliance with the agreed obligations.

A high level of organisation and good knowledge of the problems allow us to offer the client a solution to any problem at any time. Even the most complex projects are a welcome challenge that helps our further development providing us with a new motive for the work we are doing.

You can rest assured that you can always count on our professional assistance and know-how and that we will always lend an ear and provide proper advice which is priceless.

Continuous care for customer satisfaction which is achieved on a partnership basis and with the help of invaluable personal contact broadens the circle of customers that endorse us.

The great responsibility with regards to the trust shown to us is a big challenge for every new day, new project or new problem that we will help you solve.

We look forward to cooperating with you. Check the credibility of the introductory statements.

Company LAR TRANSPORTNI SISTEMI d.o.o. is general importer for company Räder-Vogel for transport and forklift wheels for Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia and for company AVO.

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